Welcome to the “Nation of Greasypole”!

10 03 2012

Hello and welcome to GreasypoleNation Blog site!

I’d like to thank all of the Facebook friends that make up the Nation of Greasypole.  At this time there are just over  1700 “cyber-citizens” of Greasypole Nation.  That  number is growing.

I know, I know…another Gloucester-themed blog.  Just what we need.   It is the hope of GPN that as a community, we can make this blog “for the people-by the people”.   If you’ve been to the Facebook GPN you’ve probably noticed that the site is made up mostly of pictures.  Part of the reason for expanding to wordpress is that we will have more room to display photos, as well as a bigger area in which to share our greasy stories that relate to the island-peninsula we call home here in Gloucester.  You don’t have to be from the “G” to contribute;  the “Nation” wants you and your story no matter where your from, especially if it’s marine-related.

So what direction is GPN heading?  We need contributors, YOUNG AND OLD, fat or skinny, short and tall-WE WANT IT ALL!  Just like the Facebook site, we need everybody’s help to get as much variety as we can   All are welcome to write, report and to display their goods to be sold, artwork, poetry, photos, or whatever you’d like to share with the world that is “GreasypoleNation”-related.

Facebook GPN will live on!  Facebook GPN will be the main communication “mailbox” if you will.  Please use Facebook to pass on whatever it is that you would like to see on GPN-Blog.   Be patient-while we are looking for new contributors it will be slow going, until we get the bugs worked out.

Please contact Keith at GPN Facebook if you would like to display your photography, write an article, or create an ad to hawk your greasy-goods.

Thanks again to everybody already involved at GPN and I hope to hear from you soon.


click the pic for GPN




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