26 03 2012

The Doctor is in and he’s leading “THE GOODER LIFE”!                       Imageclick-pic for a house-call!

You don’t need an appointment!  What’s that you say?  You’ve already got a Doctor?  Well I’ll guarantee that you don’t have a doctor quite like Dr. Jesse!

Dr. Jesse (Jesse Christensen) and his wildly creative acting troupe is at it again, poking fun at writing greats such as Shakespeare, and other big-screen Hollywood productions.

Jesse has been acting since childhood.  His inspiration for comic film production comes from classic situation comedies such as “Kids in the Hall”, “Strangers with Candy” and the in your face cartoon characters “Ren and Stimpy”.  When asked, Dr. Jesse says that he enjoyed these shows as they were cutting-edge when it comes to walking the line between side-splitting laughter and making the audience just a little uneasy.  Jesse says that he always wanted to create “The Gooder Life” because comedic acting is what he has wanted to do as far back as he can remember.  The passion shows through within the mirthful videos he’s been producing.

Dr. Jesse has been acting, directing, filming and producing with long-time friend and current cast member Ross Franklin since he was fifteen years old.  Their first film creation was called “Super-Human Gigalos”.

All of the actors and musicians involve themselves in these comedies out of their own love for laughter.  Riley Knispel, Bard Cavalho, Ross Franklin, Jeremy Lovasco, Joey Unis and local musician/actor Dennis Monagle are spot-on and will have you doubled over with their original comic genius. This troupe has a natural feel for each other and it shows in the buffoonery they are producing.    Their natural ability to get your giggle going is mind-blowing, and the Good Doctor is always ready to collect the grey-matter spilled onto the big screen.

(click pic for theme song^^^)

Currently Dr. Jesse has pilot episodes of “THE GOODERLIFE” circulating film festivals throughout the United States.  He is also underway with a new collaborative production with the viral-video sensation and 2012 Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme.~~~click pic to meet Vermin~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>

So if you want the instant cure for a broken funny bone on the cheap, have Dr. Jesse make a house-call by pointing your internet browser at the following links:

Dr. Jesse on Facebook!

Click the pics below to take you to the show!






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