Photography Spotlight- A Diamond in the Grease

17 05 2013

Last spring I got to thinking about the upcoming St. Peter’s Fiesta that was  fast approaching in June.   The past few years  had begun to get a bit overwhelming for me.   I enjoy capturing photographs at this joyous time of year.  During the past three years I found myself getting very busy with the seine boat junior competition as my son came to enjoy having a team with his friends.  My time was beginning to get  “spread too thin” and some of the enjoyment of taking photos and doing my St Peter’s Fiesta “thing”  was getting lost.

Long about May last year I figured I’d take a shot in the dark and put out the word on Greasypole Nation Facebook that GPN would be needing an “official” Greasypole Nation photographer to help cover the upcoming St. Peter’s Fiesta.   I had no money to pay, and really did not expect much to come of the “ad” on Facebook.

A “Diamond in the Grease” emerged in the form of an inbox message…

Angela Cook was that Diamond and she certainly shines!  I was not expecting a professional photographer to step up to help fill our digital landscape here on Facebook.  The unexpected happens.

Photography is not what Angela set out to do as a career.  What she has found out is that if you love something that you do and keep on with that drive, your path can sometimes meander in that direction.  Angela loves  photography.  She’s a people person who really enjoys her work.  Her enthusiasm for taking photos shows in the great images she always seems to capture digitally.

Just recently I was able to catch-up with Angela to ask her a few questions about her craft.

GPN:  How long have you been creating photographs?

Angela:  I don’t think I have ever not been shooting, starting as a kid with my Kodak Instamatic, moving up through the years to study photography in high school and in art school, where I double-majored in photography and journalism, to present-day, where I professionally shoot all digital with Canon equipment.

GPN:  What are your specialties within your career as a photographer?

Angela: I enjoy doing  Location Portraits – I Specialize in natural-light location portraits for individuals such as  couples, families, babies and pets.  I like shooting at beaches, parks, forests, meadows, gardens as well as shooting interesting architecture and private homes. attachment I am available for Senior Portraits, Family portraits, Children, Bridal,Maternity, Newborn, Engagement, fitness photos, headshots and portfolio portraits. My Event Photography includes  Corporate events, grand openings, special ceremonies, banquets, bar & bat mitzvahs, christenings, baptisms, weddings, vow renewals, family reunions and many other special events.  Wedding Photography is also a passion of mine.   A wedding is one of the most special and important days of a person’s  life.  The moments of that beautiful day are memories to cherish for a lifetime.  I capture those moments so people can relive the beauty of their special day over and over again.  My style is friendly, “fly on the wall” and photo-journalistic.  My focus is natural lighting and naturally posed portraits to accompany candidly shot moments.

Within the last few years Angela  has created “” as her business name, and also has a website devoted to the promotion of all things Rockport, Ma. called Bearskin  You can find information about most shops in Rockport and their wares at her website.   The site is a treasure of information for anybody thinking of visiting Rockport.  Here is a link:

Meeting Angela was certainly a pleasure.  She is somebody who is full of the great simple gifts of life…a great big smile, pleasant and appreciative of attachment-1the finer nuances we sometimes forget in our busy lives.  She is fun to talk to and really goes the extra mile to make her gift for photography a special touch to any occasion one wishes to capture.  Being “into” photography myself, I can’t help to recommend her for any photo needs you may have.  She is truly, for this occasion, a “Diamond in the Grease”.

Just a few examples of Angela’s work.  You can see more at the websites linked above!






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