26 03 2012

The Doctor is in and he’s leading “THE GOODER LIFE”!                       Imageclick-pic for a house-call!

You don’t need an appointment!  What’s that you say?  You’ve already got a Doctor?  Well I’ll guarantee that you don’t have a doctor quite like Dr. Jesse!

Dr. Jesse (Jesse Christensen) and his wildly creative acting troupe is at it again, poking fun at writing greats such as Shakespeare, and other big-screen Hollywood productions.

Jesse has been acting since childhood.  His inspiration for comic film production comes from classic situation comedies such as “Kids in the Hall”, “Strangers with Candy” and the in your face cartoon characters “Ren and Stimpy”.  When asked, Dr. Jesse says that he enjoyed these shows as they were cutting-edge when it comes to walking the line between side-splitting laughter and making the audience just a little uneasy.  Jesse says that he always wanted to create “The Gooder Life” because comedic acting is what he has wanted to do as far back as he can remember.  The passion shows through within the mirthful videos he’s been producing.

Dr. Jesse has been acting, directing, filming and producing with long-time friend and current cast member Ross Franklin since he was fifteen years old.  Their first film creation was called “Super-Human Gigalos”.

All of the actors and musicians involve themselves in these comedies out of their own love for laughter.  Riley Knispel, Bard Cavalho, Ross Franklin, Jeremy Lovasco, Joey Unis and local musician/actor Dennis Monagle are spot-on and will have you doubled over with their original comic genius. This troupe has a natural feel for each other and it shows in the buffoonery they are producing.    Their natural ability to get your giggle going is mind-blowing, and the Good Doctor is always ready to collect the grey-matter spilled onto the big screen.

(click pic for theme song^^^)

Currently Dr. Jesse has pilot episodes of “THE GOODERLIFE” circulating film festivals throughout the United States.  He is also underway with a new collaborative production with the viral-video sensation and 2012 Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme.~~~click pic to meet Vermin~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>

So if you want the instant cure for a broken funny bone on the cheap, have Dr. Jesse make a house-call by pointing your internet browser at the following links:

Dr. Jesse on Facebook!

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Making of a Greasypole Champion

24 03 2012

There I stood on Pavillion Beach watching what was, and stands to be one of the greatest greasypole walks ever, in my own eyes anyway. I loved watching the greasypole event during the St. Peter’s Fiesta when I was a boy. Eventually I would love walking the greasypole myself.

I remember standing on the beach that day, staring out at the pole and at the walkers slipping and sliding, bouncing and smashing, and splashing awkwardly into the water below. I saw the men full of grease from the event. I saw them swim to the beach. They were shivering. Their faces told me that they were very tired-or hurt. Still, they picked up this man, a champion and my newly found hero, and carried him up onto the beach, then into the streets headed toward town. I was eight years old.

Watching the events of St. Peter’s Fiesta, and that memorable walk, the shear glory I saw as the men celebrated, inspired me. It may sound foolish to some, but I wanted to get that flag on the end of the greasypole. I wanted to be carried up that beach after victory like the few who have done so in the past. I wanted to be a champion. I wanted to win the greasypole event more than anything I can remember.

Sleeping that Sunday night was difficult. I remember dreaming of being out there. I needed some way to get out to the pole. At eight years old. I could not yet swim out to it. Somehow I missed the “forest through the trees”…I could drown on the way out there. I could smash myself on the pole with a bad fall, like the flailing and crushing wipeouts I had witnessed a day earlier. I was in the third-grade. That Monday morning I stood in front of my house, thinking of some means to get to the platform.

“An inner-tube!” I thought. “That’s it! I’ll get an inner-tube; one of the big ones from the cement company!” And off I went. I was in luck. Sure enough I found an inner tube in the cement yard. The man at the company was nice enough to let me have it. I told him I was going to use the tube to get out to the greasypole. He said I would drown. I told him that I would someday be a champion. He filled the tube with air for me. I headed to the beach, struggling with a very large inner tube that was bigger than myself.

At the beach I found that I was not going to be alone out there on the pole. Many of my friends had the same idea. Not only did they share my quest, they wanted to do it just like it was the day before. They had with them shampoo, soap, lard, and Vaseline. Anything that was slippery and that they could get for free from their homes was going to be on that pole. They wanted their own event to be just like it was in the real competition. You name something slippery and they had it and were spreading it on the pole.

I remember there were seven friends of mine there that sunny Monday afternoon, and a few kids that I did not know. All that were there that day would later walk in competition. A few eventually went on to win the greasypole event. Most of them would swim back to the beach exhausted, and covered in grease, which, along with some great memories and injuries would be their only prize.

It would be nine long years before I stood on the pole ready to fulfill my dream as champion. I would be walking as a “protégé” for Phil Verga in 1987. This would be my first walk in competition. Phil was a former champion that did not walk any more. As a champ, he was allowed to have somebody walk in his name. It was my hope that Saturday afternoon that I would make him proud. I did not get to the flag. Now I wanted it even more.

It would be another two years before I would win. It was Saturday in 198_ that I became a champion. I was walker number 28 on the pole that day. It would be another 18 years, and many bumps and bruises before I would be a SUNDAY Champion. In 20_ _ my Sunday dream became reality. I grabbed my second greasypole-flag with seeming ease, running straight through it! I guess when it’s your day… it’s YOUR DAY! The tired, shivering greasy platoon launched me up into the air and onto their shoulders. I remember being overcome with joy. I saw myself as that hero I witnessed back in 1977. I looked down to see that now my hero was carrying me on HIS shoulders!

I have never experienced any other feeling like I did that day. This feeling is and always will be a part of me. I could now retire from walking-a Sunday Champion…

This year will mark my 24th year walking the pole. Incredibly my hero still walks too! Maybe I will retire with him someday. His picture standing next to the flag back in 1977 is still on my wall. He is five-time Greasypole Champion Anthony “Matza” Giambanco.

Why do WE keep walking the pole to get the flag? We walk for the patron saint of the Fishermen, St. Peter. He is OUR collective hero during the Festival named for him.
To all who have walked before, and to all those who will walk in the future…good luck and…VIVA San Pietro!

Welcome to the “Nation of Greasypole”!

10 03 2012

Hello and welcome to GreasypoleNation Blog site!

I’d like to thank all of the Facebook friends that make up the Nation of Greasypole.  At this time there are just over  1700 “cyber-citizens” of Greasypole Nation.  That  number is growing.

I know, I know…another Gloucester-themed blog.  Just what we need.   It is the hope of GPN that as a community, we can make this blog “for the people-by the people”.   If you’ve been to the Facebook GPN you’ve probably noticed that the site is made up mostly of pictures.  Part of the reason for expanding to wordpress is that we will have more room to display photos, as well as a bigger area in which to share our greasy stories that relate to the island-peninsula we call home here in Gloucester.  You don’t have to be from the “G” to contribute;  the “Nation” wants you and your story no matter where your from, especially if it’s marine-related.

So what direction is GPN heading?  We need contributors, YOUNG AND OLD, fat or skinny, short and tall-WE WANT IT ALL!  Just like the Facebook site, we need everybody’s help to get as much variety as we can   All are welcome to write, report and to display their goods to be sold, artwork, poetry, photos, or whatever you’d like to share with the world that is “GreasypoleNation”-related.

Facebook GPN will live on!  Facebook GPN will be the main communication “mailbox” if you will.  Please use Facebook to pass on whatever it is that you would like to see on GPN-Blog.   Be patient-while we are looking for new contributors it will be slow going, until we get the bugs worked out.

Please contact Keith at GPN Facebook if you would like to display your photography, write an article, or create an ad to hawk your greasy-goods.

Thanks again to everybody already involved at GPN and I hope to hear from you soon.


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